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Courances: A Moveable Feast - 9th June

We are pleased to announce that Courances will be featured tonight, 9th June, as part of the Unforgettable Gardens series of talks. The talks aim to explore international examples of Unforgettable Gardens, seen through the eyes of their owners, creators and restorers. Organised by the Historic Gardens Foundation in partnership with The Gardens Trust.

Valentine de Ganay will be presenting “Courances: A Moveable Feast”. The park of Courances still constitutes the heart and public face of a dynamic family-run agricultural estate on the outskirts of Paris. Courances is that rarest of things, a true palimpsest landscape, upon which succeeding generations from the 16th century through to today have each left their mark.

We are pleased to be working in association with The Historic Gardens Foundation - an international not-for-profit organisation, launched in 1995, which works to bring together lovers of historic parks and gardens across the world.

For more information of the other talks in the series - please visit The Gardens Trust

To purchase tickets for this event and others in the series - please visit Eventbrite



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